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Generation Z, The Alpha generation and Millennials are increasingly online.

Yet, too often churches lack strategy to onboard them for meaningful church growth. Recognizing this, we make it easy to onboard visitors, help them join a small group, explore volunteer interests or push to them custom content with a click. Too often, Millennials choose between soccer practice or church.

Meet them where they are!

Provide options designed to engage, focus and spiritually disciple. If you are juggling multiple “free” social platforms that actually dilute your messaging, it’s time to break through the noise by providing a back door for new church generations curious about spirituality.a


One View to Manage Multiple Groups

Struggle to manage small Groups? No more. Need an efficient method to onboard Lay Leaders and visitors? Use our tools. Nurturing small groups in a truly privatized environment is critical for sensitive subjects such as prayer and spiritual discipleship. Now, you can provide digitally sacred space to small groups who want to congregate privately.


Finally, Focus

FaithLink is where people can gather online without the politics, noise and constant distractions of social media. It’s a safe place to find each other (directories). Privatize preferences. Mobilize. Do devotions. Read the Bible. Take a spiritual challenge. Interact with Pastor surveys, special events or read announcements.

They can truly focus. And most importantly, people can respond to genuine fellowship. They can offer prayers and disciple each other for measurable engagement and growth you will see via our analytics.

Harness the other 167 hours a week and meet people where they can focus uninterrupted.


Easily Align People with Their Interests

Make it easy for your visitors to onboard into activity and volunteer via our app that cuts through the noise and distractions on social media.

They can see a comprehensive list of small groups, search for groups by interests or topics, view current sermon notes, explore versions of the Bible, look at job postings, scan for volunteer efforts, respond to active congregational needs, pray for urgent concerns, explore missions, view family friendly content or even go shopping for everyday purchases in order to tithe a portion of every purchase.

Everything they need is here in one safe,

private and safe place.

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A One-stop solution

Tired of cobbling together technical solutions that address half of your needs? We’ve heard you. We’ve listened to you and have created a turnkey solution that you can employ to drive measurable results, right now.


Give Sustainably,
Grow Organically

Need a new way to encourage sustainable donations? Our exclusive partnership provides 1,100 big box retailers at one click in the app. Think Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, and everywhere you shop. Every time anyone chooses to buy everyday office items or even something as simple as toilet paper, they accrue dollars to give back to your organization! It’s truly sustainable giving, as people and businesses will be buying these everyday items anyway.

Why not call people to tithe with purpose on every,

single, purchase?

It just makes sense