FaithLink Website Home Logo@2x.png’s flexible mobile framework can be accessed via mobile app, and desktop —

meaning you and your organization can enjoy all of the same features, no matter if you’re at home or on the go.


Front Page: Updates

Customize your congregation’s home page with a daily or occasional update and keep your community apprised of important news and inspiration.

Poll, track, and get the information you’ve always wanted from your congregation the other 167 hours in the week.



Access all of the text included in both the New and Old Testaments directly in the app — take notes, learn and share together with your congregation.



Write and share your inspiration, expand upon your latest teachings or send a special message related to Sunday’s sermon.

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A One-stop solution

Tired of cobbling together technical solutions that address half of your needs? We’ve heard you. We’ve listened to you and have created a turnkey solution that you can employ to drive measurable results, right now.


Give Sustainably,
Grow Organically

Need a new way to encourage sustainable donations? Our exclusive partnership provides 1,100 big box retailers at one click in the app. Think Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, and everywhere you shop. Every time anyone chooses to buy everyday office items or even something as simple as toilet paper, they accrue dollars to give back to your organization! It’s truly sustainable giving, as people and businesses will be buying these everyday items anyway.

Why not call people to tithe with purpose on every,

single, purchase?

It just makes sense